Nick Ayton

Nick designs Blockchain Operating Models, has spent 35 years in technology services and 8 start ups behind him the last Fintech self service pensions platform. A frequent speaker and writer on all things Blockchain he is expects to publish a book on Blockchain Implementation Strategies in 2017.

JAN 14, 2017

London Scene Roundup: Bitcoin’s Ups & Downs, Assange, Lightning Alpha, Satoshi, Blockchain Talents Scarce

JAN 14, 2017

Using Ethereum, ChronoBank Aims to Become Uber of Recruitment

JAN 12, 2017

Lightning Strikes More Than Once: Alpha Release Available

JAN 12, 2017

Blockchain-Based ArtChain Looks to Clean up Murky Business of Buying and Selling Art

DEC 30, 2016

London Scene Last 2016 Roundup: Insurance Markets Embrace Blockchain, Satoshi Spotted

DEC 26, 2016

London Scene Roundup: Ether Death, Vampire Coven, Bitcoin Witness Protection Program

DEC 21, 2016

Bringing In and Breaking Out: 10 Bitcoin and Blockchain Predictions for 2017

DEC 19, 2016

London Scene Roundup: Christmas Crypto, Sex, Satoshi and VoyeurCoin

DEC 11, 2016

As ECB Embraces Blockchain, Bank of England Chooses Wait and See Approach

DEC 08, 2016

Offshore Services Providers Are To Be Wiped Out by Blockchain

DEC 07, 2016

Blockchain’s Perfect Storm: Removing Money Laundering from Financial System

DEC 02, 2016

Asian TV May Become the Next Industry To Embrace Bitcoin, Giving Viewers Control

NOV 28, 2016

Initial Coin Offerings: How To Distinguish Between Good, Bad and Ugly

NOV 25, 2016

Big Banks Scrambled To Jump On R3, Will They Scramble To Get Out Now?

NOV 20, 2016

Cryptocurrencies with Conscience Pave Way Into Machine 2 Machine World

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