Nick Ayton

Nick designs Blockchain Operating Models, has spent 35 years in technology services and 8 start ups behind him the last Fintech self service pensions platform. A frequent speaker and writer on all things Blockchain he is expects to publish a book on Blockchain Implementation Strategies in 2017.

MAY 20, 2017

Blockchain Will Drain Hollywood Swamp, Breaking Glass Ceiling

MAY 16, 2017

WannaCry Ransomware: US-Led Ploy to Discredit Bitcoin?

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London Gets Hacked, Banks Up To Stuff: Nick Ayton Reports

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Crypto Capital Markets To Save Mankind From New Global Financial Storm

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Ethereum Smart Contracts At Heart of Next TV Revolution: 21M Story

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Blockchain Mormons, ICOs, Aliens, Football: London Scene Round Up

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Bitcoin Unlimited, Hard Fork, New ICOs, Satoshi in London Scene Roundup

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London Scene Round Up: PutinCoin vs. TrumpCoin, Satoshi’s Pedicure & More

FEB 23, 2017

Ethereum-Based Humaniq To Deliver Banking 4.0 to 2 Bln Unbanked

FEB 21, 2017

Gaming Meets Ethereum To Deliver Zero House Edge, Trust to Online Casinos

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Anatomy of ICO For Blockchain Investors and Entrepreneurs

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London Scene Roundup: Has Joe Lubin Gone Too Far?

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Big Boys Club: The Tale of Blockchain, Reinsurance, B3i and Dispute of 9/11 Aircraft

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