London Gets Hacked, Banks Up To Stuff: Nick Ayton Reports

Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton the Sage of Shoreditch reports on another exciting week in London where Hackers are up to off planetary stuff and the first Coin synced to Moon cycles released.

How the Future was hacked

Last weekend I hosted the #HacktheFuture. The Blockchain Hackathon draws the best in London at an event run by Larson Digital inspiring core Ethereum developers to take on some of the toughest challenges to compete for $35,000. The best hackers in town turned up and didn’t disappoint.

The winning team Proof of Donation Distribution (PODD) delivered a joined up solution that made sure donations and foreign aid not only arrived at the point of ‘humanitarian need’ but also monitored and tracked progress down to an individual project level, showing a decent front end