Gibraltar Now Most Progressive Center in EU: London Scene Roundup

Our London Correspondent Nick Ayton aka the Sage of Shoreditch reports on another exciting week in London, with Gibraltar rapidly becoming the most progressive center in the EU, SpaceCoin going to Planet-1F, the real Satoshi appearing again.

He also explains why banks won’t adopt Blockchain, ever…

ICO RoundUp

There is no sign of the ICO circus abating as we go on from on from ICO strength to strength with it seems most meeting their goals and reaching new highs.

With Storj, Metal coming soon and Exscudo looking good we are seeing a new momentum in ICO behaviors which is always great when the ‘naysayers’ bemoan ICOs are where the stupid money goes.

Well, I stupidly have done very nicely thank you with many other crypto investors a shrewd bunch. I will continue to invest ‘stupidly’ in ICOs and because I love them so much I have of course my own 21Million project on the horizon for early June 2017.

Bitcoin bubble

A Bitcoin breaks new ground the balance of power is shifting. Not only does 99 percent of the world not care what the SEC has to say, and come to that most central banks about Bitcoin, the total Market Cap of all cryptocoins is growing fast. Bitcoin is now approaching 56 percent of the total market value.

Good news travels fast – with Litecoin and Ether making moves Dash, Monero and Gnosis are looking consistent if not showing underlying strength.

The Bitcoin Bubble is a consistent story these days with many predicting, even more, new highs in the months ahead. Although I am sure there will be some spikes to come in both directions.

Given the community remains in intense disagreement about scaling, with the Bitcoin Unlimited debacle and SegWit still sniffling in the background, Bitcoin remains, it moves on, slows a little and yes many of the old concerns remains unresolved. But does it matter?

The dark horse is Ether which is looking as though it will finally come of age in 2017, where Ethereum is being recognized for the genius that lies at its core.

As POCs and pre-production projects start to move to become real systems that touch customers Ethereum whose currency Ether was never meant to be, a tradable currency is on the march reaching new highs.

With new Ethereum payment systems and cards, the package looks strong to attract investors and new participants as the netwo