An exchange designed for professional traders has been unveiled by one of Asia’s leading digital asset platforms.

The OSL Exchange offers a single platform login for users, as well as a central dashboard that brings together over-the-counter trading, brokerage, insured custody and wallet services.

A “cutting-edge, modular interface” also enables users to purchase and sell some of the world’s best-known digital assets in exchange for U.S. dollars and some stablecoins.

OSL is a member of BC Group, the “only listed fintech and digital asset company” audited by a Big Four firm. The launch follows an extensive trial that trading partners and investors participated in.

Wayne Trench, OSL’s CEO, said: “With the single login feature, we allow our customers to seamlessly trade and interact across our OTC brokerage, exchange and insured custody products to best serve their needs. Clients have one onboarding journey, one login and one banking channel for all products.” 

“Unique in the market”

OSL says its exchange boasts institutional-grade Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering standards — and all assets across the platform are held in secured, insured hot and cold wallets that enjoy 24/7 protection thanks to multilayer hardware, software security protocols and a team of seasoned engineers.

Its market-matching engine can process hundreds of thousands of orders per second, delivering low levels of latency that enable trades to be settled instantly, the company notes.

OSL Exchange also supports both Financial Information eXchange protocol and REST (or, Representational State Transfer) API connectivity, as well as collocation on request.

Trench added: “We’re in a prime position to service the highest quality participants already in the digital asset marketplace, and to capture capital inflows from the traditional financial services sector.”

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Other features offered by the OSL Exchange include six tiers for trading charges — effectively meaning that certain users will be entitled to rebates on transaction fees if their volumes surpass a certain level.

According to OSL, it was the first to apply for a license in Hong Kong in November 2019 under the Securities and Futures Commission’s newly unveiled framework for digital assets.

Crypto insights

As it welcomes professional traders to its platform, top executives at OSL have been offering insights into what lies ahead for the crypto markets.

Matt Long, OSL’s head of distribution, says “further dramatic growth” could be on the way for digital assets as we edge ever closer to Bitcoin’s third halving in May.

He argued that global regulatory measures mean that BTC is beginning to be validated in the eyes of financiers that have previously kept a distance — predicting that as the world’s biggest cryptocurrency comes out of the shadows, institutions will be “entering into the fray with full confidence.” Long wrote: “Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets are going to become a standard component of asset managers’ portfolios. Notably, we can also expect banks to start rolling out their own coins to the market.”

Statistics from Chainalysis help underline Asia’s importance in the crypto market. Its figures suggest that 40% of major exchanges are based on the continent — and that there is more demand for Bitcoin in Asia than in the U.S. or Europe.

Illustrating why the launch of platforms such as the OSL Exchange is important, its report added: “It is difficult to overstate the importance of APAC to global cryptocurrency markets. APAC is home to the highest number of top exchanges, receives the most Bitcoin, trades the most volume, and is a driving force in the adoption of stablecoins.”

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