Bill Baruch of Blue Lines Futures sees the crypto sector as continuing to rise in the long term, with the “ultimate upside” for Bitcoin (BTC) being between $11,500 and $11,800, according to a CNBC video posted yesterday, April 23.

CNBC notes that Baruch “has been right before.” In February of this year, when BTC’s price dropped to below $7000, Baruch had predicted that Bitcoin would “recover from this low.” BTC is now trading at around $9,280, up over 2 percent over a 24 hour period to press time.

Baruch added yesterday that the “sector still has much more upside in the long run,” and a breakout above $11,800 for BTC is “extremely bullish.” He also highlights how many altcoins have “doubled in value” since February.

Cointelegraph recently reported about the plethora of market predictions in the volatile crypto sphere, explaining why some experts think BTC is heading to $100, while others believe it’s going towards $100,000.