Blockchain scalability solution, Matic, released news of a “Large Scale Developer Initiatives” program on July 8. The program is meant to incentivize mainnet adoption, in partnership with Gitcoin.

According to the announcement, the company aims to cater to DApp developers from project inception to fully-fledged and operational stages. They also want to create an ecosystem of developers and DApps to build on the Matic Network.

Campaigns include a Build-n-Earn feature, which aims to provide a monthly recurring incentive to bootstrap developers’ teams, and the Matic Layer 2 Security Hackathon. This hackathon expects to attract protocol developers who can improve the project’s Layer 2 Security. Participants will compete for bounties of $50,000 and above.

Incentivize adoption among Indian developers

Devfolio’s Month-long Hackathons program targets developers in India. T-Block Accelerators also expect to provide Indian blockchain startups with support and tools for business development.

Matic went in-depth into the initiative details:

“Organized by Tech Mahindra and the Telangana government, the initiative will further the Telangana government’s mission to make Telangana the ‘Blockchain Capital of the World’. Matic, along with Harmony, will be providing T-Block startups with support and the infrastructure required to build DApps with the performance required to facilitate mass adoption.”

Over 60 DApps supported

Matic will provide their global ecosystem to over 60 DApps and enable them to handle a large volume of users.

Matic claims that they’re preparing to launch another developer-focused initiative, but the network gave no specific date.

The much-delayed blockchain role-playing game, Neon District, will be launching on Ethereum layer-two scaling solution Matic, according to an announcement made on July 7.

Neon District developer, Blockade Games will also move several of its community games onto the network. The company has been coming “soon” since October 2019, when its imminent launch was delayed by six months.