A project with big ambitions to become the biggest blockchain ecosystem in 2021 and beyond is building a platform where companies can discover talented freelancers, entrepreneurs can develop business ideas through crowdfunding, and passionate investors can get involved with startups they believe in.

Ideaology says it is creating Active IDEA because there is an urgent need for a productive, digitally focused, self-sustaining environment where businesses can be nurtured and careers can thrive.

In time, it’s hoped that aspiring businesspeople will be able to turn their vision into reality with the help of a community who can offer financial support, advice, and the services that are needed to get a new company off the ground.

Amar Kovacevic, Ideaology’s co-founder and chief technology officer, said: “Ideaology is keen to provide opportunities for freelancers, startup founders, and investors through the Active IDEA platform. It's the vision that fuels our mission.”

Changing habits

According to Ideaology, existing sites such as Upwork and Fiverr aren’t always a convenient way for skilled individuals to find paid projects to work on. Given how the coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we all work, Active IDEA is specifically designed to give gifted freelancers as much exposure as possible — and a greater chance of coming into contact with people who will be interested in what they have to offer.

“Freelancers don’t necessarily work on online freelance platforms, and clients or companies don’t necessarily look for talents on those websites. Many of them are running their independent business from their websites or agencies, and looking for clients via advertisements, email marketing, leads generation, and other techniques,” Ideaology founder and CEO Khaled Alkalbani added.

A prototype of Active IDEA has already been built — and Ideaology is determined to eliminate some of the common pitfalls with market-leading sites, which often take hefty levels of commission after connecting freelancers with clients. According to Ideaology, a common problem among the top three platforms is that freelancers aren’t always given the space to showcase all of their talents — making it difficult to convey their real skills.

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The company calls its approach to business “collabvesting.” Explaining what this means in practice, executives gave an example of an aspiring entrepreneur who is passionate about non-fungible tokens but knows little about how they are developed. Through Active IDEA, they can connect with a product manager who has the skills to bring their concept to fruition. By investing in each other, these two professionals can become partners — and seek support from fellow community members by crowdfunding.

Overall, it’s a concept that reinforces an important message: no man, or business, is an island.

A token-fueled ecosystem

Ideaology says that IDEA, an ERC-20 token, will be at the center of its operation. They jointly serve as utility and payment tokens — unlocking access to Active IDEA’s features. The digital asset can also be used to participate in votes, giving owners the chance to decide which projects they would like the community to work on next. Meanwhile, a completely decentralized marketplace will make it easy to buy, sell and trade everything from business services to nonfungible tokens and dApps.

The project is now establishing partnerships with prominent crypto exchanges and wallets, and an initial exchange offering launched on Dec. 1 through the P2PB2B exchange. It’s hoped that Active Idea will amass one million users over the next three years.

With estimates suggesting that there are now 1.1 billion freelancers around the world, Ideaology is hoping that its platform will offer a modern, compelling alternative that allows people to find work and grow businesses on their terms.

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