Coin ATM Radar, Cointelegraph’s partner in covering the ever-growing worldwide BTM network, just released an iOS app that will let you find your nearest Bitcoin ATM while you are moving about Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, or wherever you find yourself.

You can download the app here.

According to Coin ATM Radar’s data as of December 22, 2014, there are 336 live BTMs around the world. Below are a few that were installed and began operations last week.


Canadian operator Instacoin has installed a pair of one-way Lamassus in Quebec. The first is at Restaurant Marabou in St-Sauveur, northwest of Montreal, and the second is in a screen printing shop at’s Lachine office, on Rue Notre Dam just a block from the water. The buy rates on the machines fluctuate, so check Instacoin’s website for updated price information.

United States

  • In Anaheim, California, ZenBox has installed a two-way BitAccess machine at the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center. “Located inside Mission Market Express in the station's Grand Foyer, ZenBox gives the station's 10,000+ daily commuters a familiar way to acquire digital currency,” the operator announced in a release.

  • In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the 414 Glass & Grooves shop on N. Old World 3rd Street has installed a one-way Skyhook BTM. That machine charges 7% on top of Coinbase’s fees, and transactions are capped at US$2500 per customer, per day.

  • In Las Vegas, Gold Spike hotel and casino is the new home of a two-way BitAccess machine. The kiosk, the second operated in the city by Coin Cloud, is open 24/7, has a transaction limit of US$9,999, and charges 5.5% on top of Bitstamp’s spread. “I’m excited about the opportunity to offer Las Vegas’s downtown community the most cutting edge technology found in BitAccess ATMs and am thrilled to contribute to downtown’s continuous growth by providing locals and tourists with easy instant access to bitcoin,” Coin Cloud owner Chris McAlary said in a statement.

  • In New York, Crispin’s restaurant has installed its second BTM, a one-way Lamassu to replace the Skyhook BTM it had previously put in.


A pair of General Bytes BTMs went live in Italy’s Liguria region last week. Travel agency Viva Viajes installed the one-way machines in offices in Genoa and Chiavari. Both cap transactions at 999 EUR and charge fees of 6% on top of The Rock Trading Exchange’s charges.


Finnish operator Bittiraha has just installed the eighth Bitcoin ATM in Helsinki, a two-way Bitxatm machine. Fees are 5% for both buys and sells. Transactions are capped at 2000 EUR per buy, 1000 EUR per sell, or 4000 EUR per day. If you are in Helsinki, you can find this machine at the Kamppi Center.  


Finally, digital agency Four Digits has installed a one-way Lamassu BTM in its Arnhem office. Cointelegraph’s Allen Scott reported in October how Arnhem was positioning itself to be a global hub of Bitcoin activity with the Bitcoin City Arnhem project.

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