New Hampshire, the Bitcoin mecca of the northeastern United States, claims its third Bitcoin ATM, the only currently operational machines in New England.

Bitcoin ATMs in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has received its third active Bitcoin ATM.

The General Bytes machine is located in the northern part of the state at the Twin Mountain Country Store. The machine is the third operational in the state of New Hampshire, the other two being located in Manchester and Keene.

Bitcoin ATMs, or BTMs, allow users to purchase Bitcoin for cash. They are preferred over online exchanges as a means for acquiring cryptocurrency because they allow for instant and private purchases.

New England’s only active BTMs

According to, the only active BTMs in all of New England. Ian Freeman, local Bitcoin activist who consulted with Twin Mountain Country Store regarding the machine, notes New Hampshire’s uniqueness in offering active BTMs.

Ian Freeman says to Cointelegraph:

“With the addition of this third public Bitcoin Vending Machine, New Hampshire continues to dominate the rest of New England in real-life Bitcoin accessibility. ME, VT, MA, CT, RI all have a total of zero BVMs, according to”

Ian Freeman, host of radio program Free Talk Live

New Hampshire’s BTMs eclipse New York’s per capita

Freeman continued to emphasize the contrast between New Hampshire and other states in terms of BTMs with a comparison to New York, the closest state with currently operational BTMs.

Freeman explains to Cointelegraph:

“New Hampshire has now eclipsed New York with 2.26 BVMs per 1 million population to New York's 2.22. Plus, NH's units are spread across the state whereas NY's are all located in NYC. NY's invade the buyer's privacy while NH's do not, and ours are more affordable. Libertarians who love Bitcoin should move here ASAP and join us".