A partnership with crypto payment processor CoinPayments means bolstered digital asset payment compatibility for Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify. 

"Shopify is a natural fit for us," CoinPayments CEO Jason Butcher told Cointelegraph via email, adding:

As they look to bring new features to their merchant base and CoinPayments works to drive cryptocurrency adoption globally, it makes sense to create an integration that enables easy, secure, and cost-effective transactions."

Shopify sellers can accepts thousands of assets

Shopify sellers can now harness CoinPayments' digital asset payment processing platform, paving the way for sellers to accept 1,800 different cryptocurrencies as payment, a May 20 statement detailed. 

Shopify touted cryptocurrency payment compatibility prior to the CoinPayments partnership, via Coinbase Commerce, BitPay and GoCoin, although CoinPayments adds to the offering. "CoinPayments is the largest cryptocurrency payments processor on the Shopify platform with the most extensive global reach," Butcher claimed.

The two companies recently completed a trial period

The official partnership comes after a completed testing phase between the two entities. Beginning in 2019, beta operations tested the waters on a few fronts.  

Butcher explained:

The beta trial process involved a full functionality and security test with live merchant interactions before becoming publicly available to the entire Shopify platform."

Aeternity, one of the industry's blockchain outfits, also recently opened a digital asset tipping option for social media influencers, adding further in-roads to the mainstream world.