With the growing level of adoption and interest in digital currencies, China with its grip on the market seems the place to be.

Ahead of Ethereum’s DevCon2 later in September, Lisk CEO Max Kordek is on his first China visit which he’d said “will be big.”

While the cryptocurrency market of the Asian economic giant is still a new terrain for both platforms to explore, Ethereum seems to have started building its reach with Vitalik Buterin maintaining a link as well as a forum.

Lisk has just started, and it looks promising.

Lisk to network in China

While in China, Kordek will speak at a blockchain conference and is likely to meet people like Roger Ver and Jeff Garzik and a lot of “Chinese personalities which might not be very known in our western world. But indeed have a lot of influence in China”.

There will also be university professors and people from the Chinese government and exchanges such as Huobi, OKcoin, BTCC, Yuanbao, and Yunbi.

Kordek told his community that he would try to speak with every single one of the exchanges though with no guarantee that Lisk will be listed on any of them.

However, he thinks “showing them what is so great about Lisk and where we are going is a big first step. Making Lisk a name in China is a big step. Until now there was zero promotion from myself in China,” he stated in the last Lisk Community Meeting Summary  on  June 11th.

Ethereum DevCon 2

This is coming ahead of DevCon 2. Microsoft’s sponsorship of Devcon2 in Shanghai lends a great deal of credence to Ethereum’s technology stack.

George Hallam, Ethereum’s Head of External Relations, says there’s been a lot of talk about Ethereum’s potential:

“Now we’re at the point where various groups are well on their way to creating real world, valuable applications, with some, such as The DAO, already surpassing all expectations whilst intelligently dealing with early issues. The key is in the name - Devcon2 is very much a developer oriented event. Ethereum is built by developers, for developers. These are the wonderful people who are building the infrastructure that will underpin our society for the next 15 years. Let’s give them what they need to do so!”

George Hallam, Ethereum’s Head of External Relations

Why China?

Hallam explains to Cointelegraph:

“We felt that DEVCON1 gave a brilliant boost to the already burgeoning Ethereum community in the UK. China, and the rest of Asia for that matter, also has a very fast growing, effervescent Ethereum community. We see Devcon2 as an excellent opportunity to bring this community into the limelight, build new relationships there and kickstart some serious growth within the ecosystem.”

According to Hallam, addressing the hard problems in crypto, such as scalability, is no easy task.

He says:

“That doesn’t mean we can’t overcome them though! We are certain that we can, and Devcon2 acts as an excellent platform for the Ethereum Foundation and the many groups and individuals working within the Ethereum community to share their thoughts on the matter.”

There will be many technical updates at the event showing how Ethereum intends to address these problems, and also how they intend to extend Ethereum in general. As Vitalik Buterin often says, "Software that's finished is software that's dead”.