You can now buy Bitcoin at convenience stores all around Mexico, thanks to a partnership between Mexican cryptocurrency exchange Bitso and payment services provider Zmart Group.

Mexican Bitcoin exchange Bitcoin has begun selling Bitcoin through convenience stores.

The integration, which was announced via blog post on Bitso’s website, will be done through a partnership with Zmart Group’s MaxSaldo payment services. This will allow Mexicans to purchase Bitcoin at any of 29,000 supported locations at corner stores around the country.

A boon for Bitcoin adoption in Mexico

José Rodríguez, Bitso’s VP of Payments, sees this as a huge development for the adoption of cryptocurrency in Mexico.

Rodríguez says:

“The Bitso team has worked hard to reach all potential users who would benefit from using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Grupo Zmart through MaxSaldo has a vision to allow every corner store or "tiendita" to have payment and access to diverse services. We were interested in collaborating with them and their network in a unified vision to massify the use and advantages of Bitcoin.”

José Rodríguez, Bitso’s VP of Payments

Part of an increasing trend of cryptocurrency growth

Bitso added an Ethereum market to their exchange last month, the first ever MXN/ETH market. Trading volume on Bitso has seen a steady increase this year, and Rodríguez sees the addition of the MaxSaldo integration in corner stores as part of this greater trend of a rise in demand for Bitcoin in Mexico.

Rodríguez explains:

“This will be a new option, service is launching. Our volume has increased 20% on average month over month over the last year. And in the last week we had record volume in BTC and our second highest volume in our new ETH market.”