Social media has overtaken the world as a place to share details about our personal lives, connect with distant friends and build entire communities about our interests and passions.

While Facebook led the charge, YouTube followed shortly after as a medium to distribute video blogs, how-tos and other entertaining media. Unfortunately, what many fail to realize is the vast potential of money-making opportunities that exist on social media. When used correctly, social media can be lucrative, even providing some with a stable income. The difference is recognizing social media as more than a platform for connecting with people. Rather, it should be considered as a platform for businesses. As communities get larger and you begin connecting with more influential parties, the question then becomes, “how will you leverage the online connections that you make?”

The Smart Advertising Transaction Token (SaTT) is bridging the gap between social media creators and advertisers, providing those with an opportunity to turn their connections into profitable returns. In turn, organizations can manage these relationships more easily and with greater transparency as they increase their brand’s value. The SaTT platform provides users with the opportunity to farm their social networks through their advertising token, which provides an exchange of advertising and audience payment utilities. Smart contracts hold the advertising offer with data that is verified directly on the blockchain. 

With blockchain technology, this process is automated, ensuring that transactions are done quickly, and transparency is maintained. The new SaTT way of advertising uses early cryptocurrency codes, including airdrops and bounties, to prove the value that this can have on the industry at large. This means that social media enthusiasts can get paid for their Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos or otherwise, and businesses can reach communities that they may never have been able to before.

Tweets that pay

SaTT was created with the ultimate goal to leverage the blockchain for more streamlined advertising efforts. With decentralization, SaTT eliminates the need for a middleman between creators and advertisers, and ad campaigns can be executed more efficiently.

To demonstrate this proof-of-concept, Atayen, the developing company, is showcasing Twitter Ad Pools for those who consider themselves early adopters. This example will allow users to discover the advantages of SaTT firsthand by earning cryptocurrencies through farming their Twitter posts. As a starting point, the Twitter proof-of-concept will demonstrate the usefulness of the token while simultaneously increasing visibility and rewarding the community.

Also, live is SaTT’s YouTube Ad Pool, with one for LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook following shortly. The experience is kept simple since users can start by logging into the wallet and selecting the Ad Pool they are interested in. Next, they can submit a post that meets the requirements and share their wallet information.

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The relationship is not one-sided, also offering several benefits for the business looking for influencer partnerships. SaTT allows advertisers to run entire campaigns based on a set of conditions, searchable through APIs, and ensuring tampered results are eliminated. Therefore, affiliates must meet the criteria a business decides on, leaving it up to the oracle to execute the payment and return the results of the marketing effort.

A market-driven by social media

On Nov. 4, the SaTT (SATT) market opened for users to trade on the Bittrex Global website, one part of the team’s 360 plan to get listed on several of the world’s leading exchanges. The team had proven their growth since their pre-ICO launch back in 2018, now making strides forward in their HitBTC listing, BEP-20 Version on the Binance Smart Chain and Oracle Twitter and YouTube launches.

As a result, the present showcases a turn of a paradigm for accelerated marketing efforts and real opportunities to earn through social media.

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