It has been a while since our last visit from one of our favorite groups of people, the Ubitquity team. Four months to be exact, click here to catch up. McKibbens and Saucier are not joining The Bitcoin Podcast duo this time, but rather Wosnack & Reznik. Regardless of missing our favorite buddy cop duo, their old theme song will be heard! Nathan & Marina lay down the foundation on their real estate blockchain technology, and expand on the possibilities it brings. The focal point of those possibilities are in blockchain record keeping, visit to learn more. Even a PAB could understand the explantion put forth by the Ubitquity team on how the real estate industry will utilize the blockchain. Ubitquity is one use case that’ll snowball into the future, bringing everyone to the blockchain, one homeowner at a time.

“The blockchain is where bitcoins come from.”

- Marina Reznik

Marina Reznik talks about her upcoming trip to Abu Dhabi for a blockchain convention, particularly about her plans for speaking as a layman to the old school real estate industry. Marina is the first person in history to record a real estate transaction on the blockchain, and her challenge is to teach this experience and its benefits to the people who still have struggles with email technology. She explains how bitcoin still has a PR problem even within her circle, and how people still believe bitcoin is either discontinued or only used for drugs. Her mission isn’t an easy one, but with the skills in her toolbox and the team at her back, their goals are achievable. This is how they are gaining so much organic press without even trying.

Nathan Wosnack discusses the partnership with Priority Title and Escrow, the first title company to pilot the Ubitquity platform. Nathan goes on to explain how they plan to utilize the partnership and help each other grow.  Wosnack also mentions all the attention received from academia, like being invited to MIT twice and working with Victory Lemue of The World Bank, collaborating on a research cluster attempting to implement blockchain based record keeping. He then goes on to claim that even a non-techie could easily use their tools. It’s clear from the interview that Ubitquity is attempting to overcome hurdles that make user adoption possible, and for that we thank them.

“Everybody spells Ubitquity wrong, it’s with a T.”

- Nathan Wosnack

Wosnack & Reznik then spend some time explaining how they are helping onramp the real estate industry by building a spokesperson team to show real life use cases, hosting and attending meetups, and attempting to leverage political motivations. They’re motivating people into the future with education via marketing.  Their is talk about using Twitter to reach out to local political charters in power. Power moves like this puts blockchain technology on the forefront of political banter, showing that the people care how technology is implemented IRL.

With scams, pump and dumps, bad ICOs, and bad reputations in altcoins it’s hard staying in the know. Corey asks the guests how they manage. Nathan recommends reading white papers or newsletters.  Nathan also mentions LinkedIn groups and building tight social networks, so feel free to join our Slack to start your crypto social network. A tangent of Zcash discussion erupts and we hear the panel's opinions on it and its relation to Monero. There's lots of juicy details dripping out this one, keep your ear bibs handy.

"Talkin bout that founder's tax brother!"

- Dee

Listening to this episode and the potential the blockchain has to solve real world problems in sectors like the real estate industry and how it really strengthens the value of bitcoin is a breath of fresh topic. Remember it’s more than just a currency, it’s more than just money, money, money; It’s the use cases like this that gives bitcoin a cash value.  This is the episode crypto noobs and PABs alike need to tune into for the low-low on implementation and the fundamental background technology to bitcoin that is the blockchain. Click here to update your perception and upgrade your perspective on cryptocurrencies and their true potential.

In ten words or less, what is bitcoin?

“Penicillin to the archaic systems of the world.”

- Marina Reznik