Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and partner, Anthony Pompliano, expressed his view that the U.S. Federal Reserve may not quite be what it seems. His statement came in response to Robert Kiyosaki’s own claims about the Federal Reserve. 

“Robert's belief that the Federal Reserve is not a bank, not federal, and has no reserve is directionally correct,” Pomp told Cointelegraph when asked of his own opinions on Kiyosaki’s claims about the Fed.

“This is an important point to make sure that people understand as they pursue a deeper understanding of how the economy and money works,” Pomp added.

The Fed is a cartel, Kiyosaki said

Kiyosaki made a number of bold claims in a recent podcast interview with Pompliano, including one on the U.S. Federal Reserve in particular, which he noted in reference to the books The Creature From Jekyll Island, and Grunch of Giants.

“The Fed is not a bank, it’s a cartel owned by the richest people on the planet, which we’ll never see,” he said, adding, “The guys that own the Fed control the world.”

Kiyosaki shared his insights on a plethora of relevant topics on the show. A large portion of the content related to the current financial disruption taking place, and how things may not be quite what they seem on the surface.

Kiyosaki’s book changed Pompliano’s thinking

Pompliano said Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, helped him see things in a different way.

“I read Robert's ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ book when I was 20 years old and it changed the way that I thought about money,” Pomp said.

“It was exciting to talk with him about how his ideas apply in today's world,” Pomp added. “Additionally, it was cool to find out that he listens to the podcast on a regular basis.”

Kiyosaki saw his Rich Dad Poor Dad book published in 1997.

Pomp is also known for a few concepts of his own, including his stance on Bitcoin as a non-correlated asset, largely unchained to influences of traditional markets.