In a blog post on March 18 2016, Load Debit Card announced the addition of Emercoin as one of the cryptocurrencies on its platform. Known as the first debit card loading platform in the world to implement full API system integration, using the ShapeShift platform, Load Debit Card possesses an integration which allows the loading of prepaid debit cards or bank cards using 40+ different Cryptocurrencies.

James Cassidy, Chief Communications Officer at Emercoin, said on the motivation and impact of the recent development:

“The ultimate goal is to increase the accessibility, utility and adoption of the Emercoin blockchain. We are much more than a store of value and a means of payment. Emercoin is currency with a purpose, and as additional applications and services are built on the Emercoin blockchain the value proposition to be using EMC becomes more attractive.”

The benefits of partnerships

Emercoin plans many more partnerships for 2016. Cassidy says that the company is actively looking to partner with other forward thinking companies who bring value to the market.

Load Debit Card is a great example of just that type of a partner. According to Cassidy, the benefits of this partnership extend to both Emercoin and Load Debit Card. He says that the customer base of Load Debit Card now has another viable option for digital payments using EMC as well as access to the many blockchain services that the currency facilitates. Emercoin in turn gains further exposure into an area that is going to be important to mainstream adoption via traditional debit and credit cards.

He also says that many more partnerships will come this year as Emercoin positions itself to become the top blockchain in the World for business and personal use.