‘Renowned’ Crypto Entrepreneur Joins Blockchain-Based Commerce Platform’s Advisory Board

A start-up which aims to make Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency payments an everyday feature of mainstream shopping has announced that “one of the most renowned representatives of the crypto community” is joining its advisory board.

Eligma is developing an e-commerce platform enabling consumers to shop on multiple websites through a unified account, along with an artificial intelligence (AI) system which uses the data this generates to offer personalized recommendations on new products and deals. An inventory is going to allow users to keep track of their purchases and discover the best (and most profitable) time to sell unwanted items on second-hand websites. Meanwhile, customers in brick-and-mortar stores will be able to buy items using cryptocurrency through a system called EliPay.

Building an advisory team

Charlie Shrem, a vocal advocate of cryptocurrency who was one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin, is the latest adviser to join Eligma.

The company claims he has substantial entrepreneurial experience, including senior roles at a multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet venture and a firm promoting the use of cryptocurrency in the business community.

His arrival comes at a critical time for Eligma, with its technology yet to be tested in real-world environments, and the company hopes his background will enhance its progress.

Shrem, whose interests include commerce and the development of a social economy, told Cointelegraph (CT): “Eligma stands for an exceptional revolution, not only in the shopping sense, but also in terms of making the general public aware of the practical advantages that cryptocurrencies offer.”

Shrem is joining other advisers who each bring expertise from their time collaborating with some of the world’s biggest companies.

Eligma describes Andy Baynes as a “consummate visionary” who previously worked with Steve Jobs and Tim Cook at Apple – and introduces Hermann Eul as a “seasoned top e