Amaury Sechet, the lead developer of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), has announced new plans for the network's coming November upgrade designed to find a compromise between proponents of the ‘Bitcoin ABC’ and ‘BCHN’ proposals.

Sechet posted on August 6 that the November upgrade will implement two main changes to the protocol — the implementation of the ‘Aserti3-2d’ difficulty adjustment proposed by Jonathan Toomin and Mark Lundeberg, and the implementation of an infrastructure funding plan (IFP) in the form of the ‘Coinbase Rule.’

Meeting in the middle

The Aserti3-2d adjustment was proposed by lead BCHN maintainer, Jonathan Toomim, and will be implemented in place of the controversial Grasberg algorithm that was recently advanced by Sechet.

Meanwhile, an infrastructure funding plan recently opposed by BCHN supporters will see 8% of all newly mined BCH designated to a treasury address for grant dispersal.

Sechet’s post comes after tensions over proposed difficulty algorithm adjustments for the protocol saw multiple individuals storm out of a developer meeting — initiating rumors that the November upgrade may result in yet another chain split for BCH.

Infrastructure funding remains voluntary

Speaking to Cointelegraph, outspoken BCH proponent Hayden Otto said that the new plan for November’s upgrade resolves “the issue which was causing contention” between Bitcoin Cash’s ABC and BCHN camps.

Despite his optimism that tensions within the community will ease with the upgrade, Otto said that contributions to support Bitcoin Cash’s development will remain voluntary until November, maintaining a “free-riding problem” where “a select few of the miners are funding everything.”

“It gives [miners] who don’t fund anything a competitive advantage against those who do.”