Robinhood, a stock and crypto trading application known for its mainstream appeal and simplicity, recently reported significant platform outages. 

Robinhood announced "experiencing a major outage in equities and options trading, as well as degraded performance in cryptocurrency trading" on June 18, a Reuters report detailed. 

Reuters reported a note on Robinhood's website, stating: “We’re currently experiencing issues with our services and are investigating the issue.” By press time, however, Cointelegraph staff could not locate such a statement on Robinhood's page.

Robinhood appeals to the masses

Robinhood offers the public a simple avenue into the stock and crypto investment world. The platform touts no fees. Over the last couple of years, the platform has added various cryptocurrencies to its platform, pushing the industry further into the mainstream.

Robinhood, as well as other similar platforms, have seen an influx of activity and users recently, a June 12 CNBC report detailed.

This outage is not the first of its kind for Robinhood. The retail-friendly platform has suffered multiple other difficulties this year, included an outage just a few months ago.