BTM developer Robocoin has unveiled its hotly rumored new direction in the form of a software development kit (SDK), which will allow any ATM to function as a Bitcoin ATM (BTM).

In a press release issued yesterday, the company also revealed an upgraded remittance system allowing its terminals to be used to send and receive funds internationally.

The project, according to CEO Jordan Kelley, “is the culmination of over a year of software development” and is set to alter the focus of Robocoin’s entire operation, being described as “a move towards software and away from hardware.”

CEO Jordan Kelley

The pioneers of the BTM industry, Robocoin more recently suffered from a slew of technical setbacks and unreliable service, causing speculation that major changes were being sought behind the scenes. Unsubstantiated rumors even claimed the company was facing “meltdown,” which Kelley sought to allay in an interview with CoinDesk last month. “Our business hasn’t changed, it isn’t changing,” he said.

Nonetheless, this week’s official announcement comes with a tacit admission of fault from Kelley, who is eager to usher in Robocoin in its new guise.

“We were never great at hardware, it just wasn’t our core competency,” he stated, adding that “[o]ur software-oriented position lets us continue to improve the customer experience and expand Bitcoin’s reach.”

In practical terms, Robocoin’s Cash SDK comes in the form of a customizable web widget, which can be added to existing ATM infrastructure. Interface and usability come pre-finished, while transactions are “identified and managed” through Robocoin’s enrollment system to ensure compliance. The software is designed to be hardware-agnostic, leading to Robocoin even describing itself as the “Android of ATMs.”

CTO John Russell added:

“It's analogous to Android's ability to bring software and a user ecosystem in a device-agnostic manner.”

With the growing network come growing opportunities for remittance, with Robocoin currently offering the service based on its BTMs for an 8% commission: 4% for purchase of bitcoins, free transfer and a 4% withdrawal fee. SMS confirmations are received for each successful transaction as an off-network verification of the process having been completed.

Robocoin describes the remittance service as “the future of money.”

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