Former Texas Representative Ron Paul has conducted an online survey on December 6, 2017, which showed that majority of the respondents would choose a cash ‘gift’ in the form of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin if they could not get hold of it for 10 years. Only 2% of the respondents opted to receive the gift in US dollars.

Results of the survey

As of press time, 55,900 people have participated in the survey. Of the total polled, 53% claimed that they would opt to accept the money as Bitcoin, while 37% would take it as gold, and just 2% want it in dollars.

Eight percent of the respondents, meanwhile, claimed that they want to receive the money in a 10-year US Treasury bond.

In his response to Paul, entrepreneur Rodolfo Novak tweeted that he also favors Bitcoin as gold is no fun anymore:

“Bitcoin. Gold is no fun anymore.”

Growing support for Bitcoin

The results of the survey showed that there are a growing number of people who are beginning to appreciate the number one cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Paul, meanwhile, has become an ardent endorser of Bitcoin. In fact, he has advised consumers to invest their money in Bitcoin-based retirement investments, and told legislators to refrain from introducing heavy-handed virtual currency regulations.

His son, Rand Paul, is also famous for accepting Bitcoin donations for his political campaigns.