Sweden’s Pizza24, a service that allows customers to order pizza locally through a single online platform, has announced it has begun accepting Bitcoin payment.

Now, customers throughout Sweden and in parts of Denmark and Norway can pay for pizza delivery with the digital currency.

"We are an innovative young company with roots in the payment industry, so it feels like a natural step to accept and recognize this new virtual currency," said Pizza24 CEO John Cavebring.

The company handles orders for 344 different pizza restaurants in Scandinavia, and a payment processing fee for Bitcoin orders will only be about 0.0001 BTC.

In the United States, Roma Pizza in Bloomingdale, Georgia, has also announced that it would begin accepting Bitcoin payments. The decision to accept digital currencies came after the pizzeria’s owner got tipped off about their benefits by his son.

These moves come a month after Thuisbezorgd.nl, a Dutch food-delivery service with a monthly order volume of 600,000-plus, announced it had begun accepting Bitcoin payment, which we reported back in November.