Sony is unleashing a new patent application with the use of Blockchain as part of its educational platform. The Japanese conglomerate highlights how their technology upgrades create a new high that is helpful to building society.

The announcement of Sony teaming up with IBM last August created a huge buzz as they integrate Blockchain technology with an educational platform. This shows how Blockchain is flexible not only for cryptocurrencies but for important economic matters as well. Blockchain will be used to secure student records and form part of a system for sharing that data between agreed-upon parties.

The idea is to make use of the Blockchain as a centralized ledger for storing educational information, such as degrees, diplomas, tests and more, as a kind of ‘digital transcript.’ Sony said the system has been developed to prevent fraud while providing access to third-parties for job interviews and assessment among other purposes.

US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) examined the patent and actually see improvements for the educational system through this application.

For example, "nodes" on the education network could be run by teachers, students or other parties that might need access to those records. It refers to how "educational experiences" would be cemented on the chain after being signed by the relevant users.

Beyond education

The patent entitled "Electronic Apparatus, Method for Electronic Apparatus and Information Processing System” hints that it strives to create a platform that can cater in connecting vehicles with a common network. According to the application’s authors, the use of technology will store personal data of drivers and enable cars to report road conditions to one another.

Moreover, what’s particularly notable about the project is that Sony believes it can be expanded into other areas of digital asset management, including IoT, logistics, digital content, real estate and (more obviously) cryptocurrencies.

The team-up of Sony and IBM open doors for our society to improve not only in education but also in other aspects of our economy like transportation, logistics and real estates. Blockchain technology becomes more than a tech that involves cryptocurrencies, and that’s a great advancement for it.