A new NFT marketplace and gallery offers a refined twist — delivering style, sophistication and a social element that allows people to bond over their shared love of digital assets.

Musée delivers a platform for crypto art creators and collectors with 10,000 plots, and each one is an NFT that reflects full ownership and control of that digital real estate asset. These plots can be purchased and used to mount crypto artwork and collectibles, which can then be purchased by Musée’s visitors.

The project’s homepage greets users with an at-a-glance look at all of the plots that are occupied — giving them the freedom to interact with content that resonates with them. Empty plots are also displayed and can be purchased in a heartbeat.

All of this reflects some much-needed modernization too, marking a concerted shift away from brick-and-mortar galleries. Whereas geography was once a barrier that stopped aficionados from being able to see masterpieces by their favorite artists, Musée ensures that vivid creations are never more than a click away.

A marketplace and gallery

Of course, Musée doesn’t just offer an environment where NFTs can be admired. Through its platform, the NFTs that are on display can also be sold — giving artists exciting new revenue streams and ensuring that they are properly remunerated for their work and imagination.

The website is still in development, but users will be able to admire crypto art and collectible NFTs that have been recently purchased, and find leaderboards that showcase the top creators and collectors. For those who want to pounce on digital art as soon as it goes on sale, the latest listings will also be displayed.

Getting involved couldn’t be simpler either. All a new user has to do is acquire a crypto wallet such as MetaMask, top it up with Ether, and connect it to the Musée platform.

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Sentimental value

According to the team behind Musée, it’s exceedingly easy to focus on the extraordinary sums of money that have been spent on NFTs since 2021 began. However, doing so fails to take into account something else that’s equally important: The sentimental value that can be attached to these tokens.

Musée wants to create a platform with substance that will truly captivate an audience, helping to ensure the NFT sector can continue to grow and prosper in the long term — bringing digital real estate to crypto art creators and collectors. Given how this sector is still in its very early stages, they believe the space is hungering for growth — and greater levels of innovation are needed.

The platform is scheduled to launch on July 20, paving the way for the full NFT marketplace to make its debut next month. From here, a social platform will be released by the end of the year. Plots are priced at 0.1 ETH each.

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