US Bitcoin payment gateway iPayYou has announced direct Starbucks integration for Bitcoin users.

Customers using the Starbucks mobile app can now use iPayYou to purchase items directly using Bitcoin with the automated conversion of funds to USD.

The tool, dubbed ‘Bitcoin Direct to Starbucks,’ is an extension of the startup’s Black Friday release of Starbucks gift cards for Bitcoin, along with gift cards for other major retailers.

CEO: Starbucks integration ‘no-brainer’

IPayYou Founder and CEO Gene Kavner said in a press release:

“Integrating with Starbucks was a no-brainer, as the company currently boasts 24,000 stores and with over one mln customers using the Starbucks Mobile Order and Pay program per month.”

The concept of using Bitcoins to purchase Starbucks coffee is by no means a new one. As early as 2014, dedicated channels had been set up to facilitate Bitcoin’s spread through hipsterism and early morning commuters, with outfits like Gyft among the first to tap into the market.

While coffee has since taken a back seat as a Bitcoin entry point, competition is still fiercely focussing on ease of use and convenience.

IPayYou does not require bulk purchases in the form of gift cards or other lump sum transactions - users need only transfer the amount of Bitcoin necessary for their specific bill total. The wallet then converts the payment to USD and credits their Starbucks mobile app balance with the equivalent amount.

“After you initiate the transactions, your funds will be ready in seconds,” Kavner continued.

“We want to put Bitcoin in the hands of everyone; our goal is a future where Bitcoin is the default currency. The best way to get there is to give consumers the ability to incorporate this new form of currency into their everyday lives.”

US consumers choose Bitcoin

The US, meanwhile, remains the major audience using crypto to buy consumer products. While full figures are difficult to source due to the prevalence of companies now operating in the space, recently confirmed that the US was its number one market for its Amazon discount purchasing feature.

Kavner is himself an ex-Amazon executive, with iPayYou likely to increase an already competitive market since its launch earlier this year.