Two of the very early pioneers of Bitcoin who have founded and funded a lot of startups within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Erik Voorhees and Roger Ver, sit side by side to discuss the problems of Bitcoin and what the future holds for the cryptocurrency.

Among the problems of Bitcoin, scaling and recognition seems to be prominent. The debate among developers on the status of the block-size has been going on for some time.

With the continuing increase in transaction confirmation time, and the consequent effect it is having on the acceptance of Bitcoin as a currency by businesses, experts have continued the debate towards finding a permanent solution for the cryptocurrency which, against so many odds, has continued to grow significantly.

Erik Voorhees currently runs, a safe, easy and private way to exchange almost any cryptocurrency for others, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ether, Dash, DAO and many more. He also founded and ran SatoshiDice which, at its prime, accounted for 50% of all Bitcoin-related traffic.   

Roger Ver was the first Bitcoin startup investor. His company,, was the first store of size to accept Bitcoin as a payment option.  He also created, which allowed Bitcoin users to purchase over 100,000 products with their new, digital cash.  

Cointelegraph presents the full audio of an interview with these two experts as they talk about the prevailing challenges of Bitcoin and where the cryptocurrency is headed.