Speaking on stage at BlockShow Asia 2019 in Singapore, True Global Ventures 3d founder Dusan Stojanovic said the time to invest in crypto collectibles is “right now.”

Some investors regard Bitcoin as a “safe haven” asset, and see high demand for it in a world of economic uncertainty. But Stojanovic sees the same value in crypto collectibles, especially in the gaming sector. He claimed that such collectibles could function as recession-resistant assets. 

Crypto collectibles are a category of digital asset that are backed by non-fungible tokens — each token is unique and no two are the same. He sees great opportunities for collectibles in the near-term. “I am really bullish about gaming and non-fungible tokens,” he said. “CryptoKitties was the start. I think the timing is right now, way before five years [from now].” 

Stojanovic added that football clubs are “jumping into” the blockchain gaming space right now. Last month, Germany’s FC Bayern Munich announced a partnership with Stryking Entertainment to produce digital collectibles of its players. The Sacramento Kings also recently announced a new collaboration with the creator of Ethereum-based Kaiju toys, CryptoKaiju, to create unique, limited-edition collectibles that are driven by a blockchain.