A blockchain application platform has launched a refreshed website with substantial improvements and a new design — all as part of a quest to be more developer friendly.

Lisk.com, which builds upon the project’s first online presence at Lisk.io, “delivers an optimal and enhanced user experience that more closely aligns with our core mission — to make blockchain accessible to everyone,” executives explained.

The new interface follows on from extensive user testing sessions and feedback from Lisk’s core community, giving the project an understanding of what developers felt was missing.

Now, Lisk.com is confident that it conveys an even clearer message and purpose: “The fastest and simplest development entry point for anyone looking to build a blockchain application using JavaScript.”

What’s new

Setting out the changes in further detail, Lisk.com explained that a brand-new landing page delivers an in-depth and easy-to-digest insight into its evolving ecosystem — shining a light on just some of the applications that have been built with the help of its infrastructure.

“We hope that this page will inspire not only developers but all blockchain enthusiasts,” the team said.

Resources for experienced and aspiring developers don’t end here, either. On Lisk.com, an array of tutorials are provided to help professionals get the most out of what the ecosystem has to offer, information about different programs, and a plethora of blog posts that cover development-related topics in greater depth.

This is a website that has been built with a goal of ensuring developers can get to work as quickly as possible. The homepage offers a range of direct links, minimizing the time and effort that users need to spend before learning more, and multilingual support is available too.

Of course, one of the bedrocks of any crypto project is its users. A refreshed community page delivers an at-a-glance view of events that like-minded developers can join, enabling them to network and collaborate with fellow professionals. Meanwhile, the media page has been treated to a brand-new layout that delivers an insight into all of the latest Lisk news.

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Plenty more to come

According to the team behind Lisk, the hard work doesn’t end here, and further improvements are going to be made to the website going forward. This will include a clear roadmap that shows upcoming milestones for the project, a devoted page for the platform’s grant program, and an introductory “What is blockchain” page that caters to people who want to learn about this technology’s potential from the very beginning.

In a world where there are countless crypto projects vying for attention, Lisk also intends to offer straightforward comparisons enabling people to compare and contrast its offering with other platforms in the industry.

Lisk says that it is continuing to gather feedback from users on the features they would like to see — and even more details are set to be revealed at Lisk.js 2021, its annual blockchain developer event, which is going to run on May 21 and 22.

Looking ahead to the next 12 months, Lisk plans to implement its new interoperability solution, and develop a range of production-ready blockchain applications through its grant program and online hackathons. This will pave the way for the mainnet release of Lisk Core 3.0.0.

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