The Drachmae Travel Club has released a mobile game to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency.

The game, titled Micko’s Adventure Voyage, follows an animated duck on a side-scrolling romp through several landscapes. High scoring users are rewarded with DT Tokens, which can then be redeemed at the Drachmae Travel Club for a variety of purposes, including travel, lodgings, and SIM cards.

According to the Travel Club’s Lee Gibson Grant, the game serves a dual purpose, to showcase exotic locations to generate customer interest, and to get customers using digital currency tokens.

Grant says:

“The art of the game is to have fun at well-known tourist destinations, so not only is it a game but it’s also packed full of entertainment at exotic locations. The catch for players is to collect the maximum number of Draco tokens, which can then be redeemed for booking hotels and flights with all the available partner hotels and airlines. Hence, as a player you do not only play the game but you can also win the best travel rewards and air-miles by achieving different daily or chapter level challenges. This journey covers only the best tourist locations.”

A tool to get users comfortable with using cryptocurrency

Grant sees this distribution of DT tokens as a crucial first step in getting new users comfortable with Blockchain tokens, as once they realize they can be used to pay for travel etc. they will be less cautious of using Bitcoin to do the same.

Grant explains:

“This is a slow educational process for mainstream users, and it’s also a viral introduction to Blockchain which the travel competition will play a large part in. Our young users will get the DT token, but they can also pay on the Travel Club with Bitcoin too. It's to help our users to understand crypto via competitions.”

The goal, according to Grant, is to build a series of projects related to cryptocurrency, all tied in around the central theme of the Travel Club.

He adds:

“So not only can Draco tokens be won but so can Travel Club memberships. Everything links together: travel mobile network, travel money etc. That's why the Travel Club comes first, as it's at the core. Everything else is an add-on.”

The first step for Bitcoin adoption is its usefulness in niche circumstances

The road to total Bitcoin adoption is not one of instant success. The preliminary first step towards getting a wary population to trust digital currency is to establish its usefulness in specific transactional cases, such as redeemable points at a travel club. The next step is to establish Bitcoin’s value as a commodity, able to be liquidated for money. The last step is for Bitcoin to become the money itself.