YouTube's latest batch of crypto channel bans continues as trader, analyst, and channel host, Tone Vays, sees his channel removed from the platform.

"The worst part about it is that my entire login is deleted, so, on my phone for example, I can't even use the YouTube app to watch other people's content," Vays told Cointelegraph on April 16 in a direct message. "Not to mention my playlists of other people's content are now gone too."

Vays has faced individual video strikes before, but not a whole channel ban

Many large-scale crypto YouTubers faced video strikes and channel removals from the YouTube platform during the latter half of 2019.

Vays has faced difficulties before. "Last time just one video was flagged and I had a warning," he said, adding that one more strike would result in YouTube removing his live streaming capabilities. The trader said YouTube cleared his strike several weeks after.     

This time was different

In an April 16 tweet, Vays said YouTube took down one of his latest videos because of "Harmful & Dangerous Content," as YouTube's policy explanation describe it. 

Shortly after, Vays tweeted that YouTube removed his channel completely.  

"This time I got the same warning on this morning's video (which was nothing different from the other 1,000 videos on my channel)," Vays explained to Cointelegraph. "An hour later my entire channel was gone," he added, citing an email from YouTube stating a complaint had been made against Vays' channel. 

YouTube concluded that Vays' channel had acted against its terms of service. They also determined that Vays could not make any other channels on the platform, according to the email Vays received. 

In another whirlwind event, Jason Appleton, host of the Crypto Crow YouTube channel, recently saw his account banned and restored inside of a few days.