Top 10 Benefits Bitcoin Provides New Users

People who are new to Bitcoin rarely understand it the first time around. They think it is not real money, or only a currency, or just a scam tool for online criminals. The digital currency of bitcoin is only the Bitcoin protocol’s first “app.” Just like email was to the Internet, the currency simply is the best way to bring the new technology to the masses. Just like the Internet is so much more than email, we haven’t even scratched the surface to what Bitcoin is.  

This list of 10 reasons for someone to get started with Bitcoin should help the new-to-intermediate user of Bitcoin get a better understanding of how Bitcoin and its ecosystem will work in the real world as we go forward.

If you are already a Bitcoin veteran, share this list with someone you’d like to introduce to Bitcoin.

1. The world’s easiest bank account to open

When you are the bank, accounts are just so easy to open! With Bitcoin, you don’t need a bank or credit.  No credit check, ID, age requirement, citizenship papers, or passport are needed to have a Bitcoin wallet or any bitcoin. If you control your money and bank account, you have true economic freedom. Bitcoin gives anyone this option. Your 10-year old child can forget piggy banks (unless it’s bitcoin-powered) and start their own digital empire today!

Have your own Bitcoin address, QR code, receive your first deposit, and buy something with bitcoin in less time than it takes to read this article.

2. Appreciate the appreciation

Critics of Bitcoin are quick to point out that it has lost hundreds of dollars in value since Mt. Gox. What they leave out of their assessment is that five years ago it was worth one American nickel and has appreciated thousands of percent in value in just over six years. Name any other currency or commodity, from gold and silver, to cash or real estate that has increased