A “state-of-the-art” platform that aims to make trading digital assets more convenient says it is on an exciting journey as it builds new features for users.

Tokenbox claims it gives traders an at-a-glance look at how their portfolios are faring thanks to intuitive charts that offer updates on daily and lifetime performance.

Dozens of trading pairs are offered through the platform, and a universal cryptocurrency wallet means a multitude of different assets can be securely stored in one place, the team notes. The company also provides a crucial on-ramp for people who are brand new to the crypto space — enabling anyone to make a deposit through a wire transfer or by using their bank card.

Tokenbox emphasizes that the introduction of tokenized portfolios also helps investors to achieve diversification, an issue that’s come into sharp focus as a result of how the coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented uncertainty in economies and on stock markets.

According to the team, the platform has come a long way since it launched back in 2017, with hundreds of investors taking part in its crowdsale. Continual enhancements are being made to its beta platform, with major releases being made on a regular basis.

Showcasing winning strategies

One of Tokenbox’s biggest priorities is creating a vibrant community around its platform — an environment where traders can share tactics and indulge in a little bit of friendly competition.

To this end, the company announced that it plans to host a trading contest that’s set to begin on May 25. Newcomers and seasoned professionals alike are being invited to get involved, and a straightforward registration process means that it takes under five minutes to establish an account.

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The contest will last for one month, with Tokenbox’s intuitive trading terminal at its beating heart. The team says those who generate the best returns when calculated in United States dollars are going to receive a prize in TBX, the platform’s utility token.

It’s hoped that the contest will help promote one of Tokenbox’s key selling points: allowing portfolio managers to showcase their strategies and attract the backing of other users. Those with a winning approach can even tokenize their portfolios and issue tradable tokens, which have a value that’s fully tied to their performance.

Rising interest in crypto funds

As reported by Cointelegraph last year, Tokenbox believes that interest in crypto funds is on the rise. And while it has long been easy to build portfolios that focus on stocks, shares or fiat currencies, an untapped opportunity lies in how many investors find it more challenging to diversify into crypto funds.

The company has long maintained that blockchain technology and smart contracts are the best way forward for those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies or the tokenized versions of real-world assets such as gold. This approach also delivers the added benefit of decentralization, meaning that investors and portfolio managers alike enjoy much greater levels of transparency and dramatically lower costs.

“Tokenization” is increasingly becoming an often-used buzzword, especially as institutional interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies grows. Plenty of avenues are being explored — and soon, owning part of an artwork or a share of a property by holding a token could become commonplace.

Tokenbox is hoping to be at the forefront of this revolution — and investments that were once prohibitively expensive or difficult to own can be accessed by the masses.

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