TREZOR developers have labeled a Medium post calling its security into question “misinformation” and “FUD.”

In a response on Reddit to a thread which linked to the post, user xbach stated version 1.5.2 of TREZOR’s firmware fixed the “issue” found with earlier versions.

“Moreover, in order to exploit the said issue, an attacker needs to have physical access to the device,” the response continues.

“Please avoid spreading FUD. We will release more information soon, including the description of the vulnerability.”

Cointelegraph reported yesterday on what TREZOR called a “security issue” with devices running firmware older than 1.5.2, which the company itself made known to users via a blog post and email circular.

TREZOR is widely regarded as one of the most secure hardware storage methods for digital currencies, frequently receiving acclaim and recommendations from the cryptocurrency industry.

In addressing the Medium post which purported to show how TREZOR devices can be “hacked,” xbach reiterated that physical access to a product would be necessary.

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