Some very exciting news regarding the present and future for Bitcoin comes through an announcement by Cai-Capital Limited which will expand Bitcoin into the real estate market.

Cai-Capital Limited will be the first company in the United Kingdom and Brazil to accept Bitcoin for property sales. This follows the appointment by a Brazilian investor and entrepreneur to sell three contemporary up-market city flats in South America which are valued at 1,139 BTC.

The three apartments are located across Curitiba which is the largest city of the southern part of Brazil. It should also be noted that Curitiba was one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup – an event which was greatly supported by the bitcoin community. The seller of these properties commented:

"I'm a cryptocurrency investor and therefore don't want to handle any paper money for my property investments. I appointed the Cai-Capital team to handle the transaction, partly because they have more than 20 years' experience in the property investment and management market, and are experts in dealing with property purchases in emerging markets, such as Brazil and the Far East; they have also proven themselves as innovators in the acceptance of cryptocurrency. I have more properties I'd like to sell using Bitcoin, which will be available later this year, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the interest is for the first three flats that are up for sale."

Richard Mathieson, Managing Director at Cai-Capital added:

"This is the latest exciting milestone for Cai-Capital, having recently returned to the UK from our trip to Hong Kong, where we officially launched the latest phase of our business to customers, property developers and portfolio advisers. We were keen to partner with the seller on his new venture, as traditionally we have accepted cryptocurrency as a method of payment; instead, we are selling his properties using the Bitcoin Price Index, in order to gain interest from property investors across the globe.”

This is great news for cryptocurrency in general as adoption by companies expands into all areas of our reality, and soon, we will be able to purchase anything through Bitcoin. Although it is not the first time Bitcoin ventures into real estate at an international level, it’s the first for Brazil and the United Kingdom although Chinese citizens have had the opportunity to purchase London real estate for Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, this announcement is just another testament to Bitcoin’s growing acceptance. Richard Mathieson concludes:

"This latest move builds upon our established reputation for the acquisition of properties, principally for overseas clients, for more than 20 years across central London and other provincial towns in the UK. This meant that the next logical step was to move into property sales, enabling us to continue to develop innovative solutions now that the cryptocurrency route has become an option for both vendors and purchasers as a currency for property transactions. Together with our property management and maintenance business, we provide a complete range of services to suit our clients, wherever they are in the world."

Back in June, the Cointelegraph reported of a house being sold for Bitcoin for 3.6 million USD while another property was recently bought for 1.6 million in bitcoins last month. Along with other real estate agencies getting onboard, will we be seeing Bitcoin as an increasingly popular method for buying properties globally in the near future?

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