The World Cup is now underway in Brazil and one organization is using the global appeal of the game to not only help local communities but also spread the word about the advantages of Bitcoin, demonstrating how simple the technology can be for users. BitCup is sponsored by BitPay, a company that offers enterprise solutions for Bitcoin payments. Connie Gallippi, Founder and Executive Director of BitGive stated: 

“It's amazing to see bitcoin users around the world support not only our cause but many other charities.” 
The effort has twin purposes and a profile unique among charities. Large charities such as the United Way often spend more money on administration and paying for expensive fund raising experts than they actually put into charitable activities and this has pushed many people away from both donating or sponsoring a charitable effort. The director of the effort in Latin America, Alberto Vega, told Cointelegraph in an interview today: 
“The object is to get more people interested in Bitcoin and its potential by both demonstrating it in real life situations while at the same time helping the community.” 
Vega also mentioned that BitCup loved to work with local charities for a number of reasons. The global reach of both the World Cup and Bitcoin will give these smaller charities a much larger audience and potential donation base.
The process is extremely simple. BitCup is offering QRs to people attending the game with an explanation of what Bitcoin is and how the program works. Currently there are ten Bitcoin companies sponsoring the 2014 Donation Cup, including BitGive and BitPay, Altis, MexBT and Bitso from Mexico; Mercado Bitcoin from Brazil; the Colombia Bitcoin Foundation and the Fundacion Bitcoin de Argentina
The advantage of Bitcoin in comparison to conventional charities cannot be overstated, as the amount that goes towards actual charitable work is not eroded in the process. 
BitCup has volunteers holding up signs allowing people to donate by simply scanning the QR code. The supporting fans who hold the signs will earn 30% of the total collected with the remaining money going entirely to the charity. 
BitCup nor the sponsors receive any money from donations and there are no expensive fund raising companies needed. While the 30% that goes to the fans is in the form of game tickets, meals and even accommodation.

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