Cointelegraph recently launched a campaign in an effort to crowdfund its new mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms, whose progress you can monitor on the official Indiegogo page, here.

With 19 days left and US$860 collected or 28% of our goal reached, the people have expressed their desire to make the mobile app a reality!

An ever-increasing amount of users are browsing the web on their mobile devices and a dedicated, snappy, easy-to-use app will improve functionality, appearance and overall user experience for our readers.

To get a better idea of what the new app has in store for our readers, we decided to do a Q&A session with the leader of the app’s developer team, Addy Crezee.

Cointelegraph: So what can we expect the app to look like?

Addy Crezee: It is inspired by Cointelegraph’s design concept, meaning a yellow and black theme. The main page of the app is a list of famous Cointelegraph’s pictures. They are very colorful, that is why we try to make all other elements of the app transparent to avoid straining our readers’ eyes. So, it is recognizable, simple and stylish!

CT: What kind of features can we look forward to?

AC: I don’t want to tell about all of them as it will be a surprise. I can tell only about those that will be implemented on the main page. All read articles will be ticked, so you will know which ones you already read. Thus, the app will save you time and let you know what the latest unread news are. Also, you will be able to share articles right from the main page! We’re hoping this too will help our readers save time by allowing them to share their favorite stories with their friends with just one tap.

CT: Will there be any special features that will only be available on the mobile app?

AC: Sure. It will be really pretty, easy and handy. That is all about the features for today ;)

CT: If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, when can we see the app available for download?

AC:  The app is currently in development and the final version for two platforms will be ready in September/October. But before the final version, we are planning a beta release to gather some feedback and make the necessary updates.  We hope that we will reach our goal and the development is not stopped.

CT: How long does it usually take to build a functional mobile app from scratch?

AC: If we’re talking about an app like this one then it is about 2 months. That’s enough time to build the first version, but rolling out updates and fixing bugs is a never ending job.

Support Cointelegraph, support Bitcoin!

We believe that such a tool will not only improve user-experience for our current readers but will also expand our reach, attract many new users, and familiarize people with the benefits of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. By donating to our campaign, you are not simply helping raise money for a mobile app, but you are actively helping Bitcoin enter the mainstream.

Now, with our goal only US$2,264 away, we encourage everyone to keep up their support and make this state-of-the-art mobile app a reality for all present and future Cointelegraph readers.

THANK YOU on behalf of Cointelegraph to everyone who has contributed so far!

To contribute and view more information about the campaign, go here.