Virtual reality content creation platform and marketplace Voxelus has announced a unique bonus and rewards system for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and buyers of its in-game digital currency Voxel, after raising US$500,000 in the first day of its 30-day token crowdsale.

The crowdsale of Voxel will be distributed into 3 phases that will last until December 2, 2015. Early buyers and participants of the crowd sale will be able to purchase the digital currency for as low as 1200 voxels per bitcoin.

As the crowd sale progresses however, the price will increase gradually and the tokens will eventually be sold at 750 voxels per bitcoin, 7.5% higher than the initial rate.

The 30-day crowdsale is currently being facilitated by instant cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift, the company which also recently facilitated a series of crowd sales for blockchain-based cards trading game Spells of Genesis and Ethereum-built decentralized prediction market Augur.

According to the Voxelus team, the company is offering 15% of all possible voxels during this crowd sale. The remaining 85% will be gradually released over the next 20 years, which will be allocated for software development, content creator bounties and marketing.

“Voxels are the official currency of virtual reality,” claimed Voxelus chairman and co-founder Halsey Minor, who previously founded several iconic companies including CNET,, Vignette, Google Voice and manages prominent financial technology startups such as Uphold (formerly BitReserve).


Similar to a Kickstarter campaign, investors of the crypto crowdsale will also receive various rewards, including a customized Voxelus T-shirt, founder’s badge, custom made avatar, Voxelus-branded Samsung Gear VR and a dinner with leading Bitcoin celebrity investors.

“We felt it would be fair to those who are just now hearing about the power of Voxel to participate at the lowest price, as long as they purchase a higher minimum than was required on the first day of the crowdsale,” said Martin Repetto, co-founder and CEO of Voxelus.

“In addition, we are offering Kickstarter-like rewards for purchases at various levels, which were not available during the presale. Anyone who purchased at higher levels in the pre-sale will now earn these rewards as well, and anyone who would have gotten pre-sale pricing under our new plan on the first day will also be given extra tokens.”