Mid-Week's Top News: Bitcoin Giveaway, 'Risk Free' Wallet, Venture Capital and More

Alleged theft attempt, BTC giveaway, Amsterdam hackathon, upcoming Bitcoin Fun Fair, and other events in Cointelegraph’s news roundup for Wednesday, January 28

‘Goxed’ in China

Chinese Bitcoin exchange 796 mistakenly lost 1000 BTC in a mishandled customer service request. Nelson Yu, President of Americas Division at 796, told Cointelegraph:

"In the last 24 hours, our security team worked around the clock to trace back the codes and processes. At this moment, we have a pretty good idea of exactly how they did it. This was not a generalized attack. The hacker’s strategy was precisely calculated and well targeted to compromise a certain weakness on our server.

Precisely speaking, the wallet system is not affected at all in this event. The theft happened during the transaction of the fund. That’s where the hacker attacked.

Due to this nature, major shareholders have carried out their obligation to our customers in covering this loss of fund. The remedy came from the major shareholders’ unpaid dividend."

Amsterdam Hackathon