A crypto wallet provider has unveiled fresh, new branding as part of its quest to deliver an even better user experience.

Founded in 2018, SafePal is a Singapore-based company that provides secure and easy-to-use wallet solutions for the masses. It is the first wallet incubated and invested by Binance Labs, the venture arm of Binance. 

With a mission to make crypto secure and simple for everyone, SafePal has built comprehensive crypto asset management solutions — including hardware wallets, mobile wallets, extension wallets, cross-chain swaps, trading services and more. At present, the business supports 48 blockchains and 15 languages — serving more than six million users global-wide.

A new logo champions the importance of security and protection, while a universal typeface can be used across multiple languages. 

Changes to layout and design have also been implemented, along with a vibrant new color palette.

But crucially, SafePal says the rebrand hasn't affected its core values and determination to establish "the most secure and accessible crypto asset management platform." 

And all of this comes as the company continues to unveil new products to give investors peace of mind with the storage of their crypto holdings — ensuring users can find the perfect wallet to match their individual needs.

SafePal extension wallet introduced

In August, SafePal launched the extension wallet as its latest tool for making asset management easier — all while helping users level up their crypto adventure.

The SafePal extension wallet already supports more than 30 EVM and non-EVM-based chains and enables customers to create or import multiple seed phrases and manage all of their wallets in one place. 

Security has been further reinforced through connections to the SafePal app and the S1 hardware wallet, using Air Gap so that users' keys remain encrypted on the mobile phone or completely offline in the SafePal S1 device. 

Better still, users have the power to remain continually connected to DApps across different networks simultaneously. Even when switching to another wallet account, the DApp connection will also automatically redirect to the new wallet. The integrated swap and bridge services allow crypto to be moved effortlessly from one blockchain to another.

From Arbitrum to Aurora, Celo to Cronos, Dash to Dogecoin, the extension wallet offers coverage of a substantial chunk of the crypto market — and one reviewer on Google's App Store had this to say: "Definitely better than MetaMask!"

Support also goes beyond cryptocurrencies themselves, as users have the freedom to display, send and receive nonfungible tokens across the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Solana ecosystems.

SafePal's CEO, Veronica Wong, told Cointelegraph: "The launch of the new SafePal extension wallet officially marks a new milestone for SafePal to become one of the few wallets that provide integrated user experiences via the full suits of hardware wallet, mobile wallet and extension wallet. Through the extension wallet, we’re reshaping users' Web3 experience on the browser end."

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'Own your crypto future'

The fast-growing team of developers, designers and security engineers driving SafePal forward have been united by one vision: Eliminating hurdles for beginners and empowering everyone to own their crypto future.

Wong is a veteran within the tech industry, and established SafePal with two co-founders back in 2018. Together, they had initially focused on a hardware wallet, but soon branched out to create solutions that would be accessible for tech professionals and newbies alike.

And the company believes there's much more to be done so blockchain technology can achieve its full potential — and meet the promise of cutting out middlemen while enhancing security. Underlining why its products are so badly needed, SafePal's website says this: "Long learning curves and clunky, expensive tools. Throw in the risk of getting hacked, and it's no wonder most people stick to fiat."

SafePal is determined to continue building as more consumers discover what crypto has to offer — and now, newcomers will be greeted with a brand that exudes friendliness and authority.

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