With a service based around the idea earning Bitcoins by telling new people about the world of digital currency, Share The Bitcoin has been expanding the user base of Bitcoin itself since its arrival in 2014.

Share The Bitcoin users sign up when invited by a friend, family member, or someone in their extended network, and gain full membership to the service by buying Bitcoins to share with their contact who invited them into the Share The Bitcoin network. The newly confirmed user then goes on to spread the word about Bitcoin themselves, and gains their own referral fee every time a new one of their contacts signs up with Share The Bitcoin.

In the spirit of spreading information about Bitcoin, and telling your own digital currency story to help new and interested individuals understand more, Cointelegraph has teamed up with Share The Bitcoin to offer one of our lucky readers a chance to win five Bitcoins.

All you have to do is make a video telling your own story of what got you into the world of Bitcoin. We would love to hear the personal, quirky, strange, and inspiring tales behind people first experiencing the digital currency, and even better, what keeps you interested to this day.

You could film yourself telling your story by the fireside, create a short movie masterpiece, animate the tale, or even share your Bitcoin story with a digital currency newbie and upload the interview.

You have got until the 6th of April to finish your edit, so get thinking and start creating!

What's on offer

To be in with a chance of winning the grand prizes of 5 BTC, you'll need to create your video and share it with the world (and us) before the 6th of April.

We'll be looking at all the entrants in by the closing date, and picking our own top 10 entrants to upload to the Cointelegraph website, where everyone will have the chance to vote for their favorite video. The overall winner will simply be the video that collects the most votes on our website.

How to enter

Once you've made your video telling the story of what got you interested in Bitcoin, you'll first need to upload it to your YouTube channel as a public video.

We've got our very own Maria Jones to make her own video about the story of how she first got involved with Bitcoin. Take a look at it below, and get some inspiration for how you could tell your own Bitcoin tale.

With that done, you need to share this competition page on your Facebook account, then send us a link to both bits to [email protected] to be entered into the competition, and so we know where to look when we're judging the competition.

Entries will close at midnight UTC on the 6th of April and the winner of the five BTC prize will be announced on the 10th of April.

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