The Manchester Bitcoin meetup, the world’s longest-running weekly Bitcoin meetup, just celebrated its 200th consecutive meetup.

The meetup, started in 2012 by the Harvey brothers of Lamassu fame, has taken place every Sunday evening in Manchester, New Hampshire since then without fail.

Derrick J. Freeman, prominent local cryptocurrency activist and one of the meetup’s attendees, summed up its significance:

“Weekly meetups like the one in Manchester give the Bitcoin community a pulse. It says to the world, "We're alive and growing -- Bitcoin hasn't gone anywhere." In fact, the people at this meetup would be just as happy to help a n00b set up their first Bitcoin wallet as they would to discuss Ethereum mining or their Dash Masternode. Manchester's monumental 200th meetup also shows outsiders that crypto is mainstream -- not a bunch of geeks in forums. Bitcoiners are your neighbors, your waitress, and the guys playing pool at the bar.”

New Hampshire, most Bitcoin-friendly place in the world?

A small state in the northeast of the United States, New Hampshire might be the most Bitcoin-friendly place in the world. In addition to the longest-running Bitcoin meetup, it includes the only Bitcoin ATMs for hundreds of miles around and dozens of Bitcoin-accepting businesses of all kinds, including black-market.

Additionally, New Hampshire is the home to several blockchain-based startups, a cryptocurrency-powered activism scene, and a significant contingent of pro-Bitcoin legislators.