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It can be an arduous task staying on top of the goings-on in the world of business news. That's why Cointelegraph combs through the hectic crypto and blockchain industry every day to bring you the top business news about cryptocurrency and blockchain, tailor-made for your interests. Whether you’re a serious investor or a casual passer-by, our articles cuts through the unwanted fat and goes straight for that meaty content. Crypto has been increasingly making business news headlines all around the world over the past years. In turn, more people than ever have started gravitating toward cryptocurrency and blockchain, leaving businesses in a precarious position: sink or swim. Will businesses adapt to market demands, or will they perish amid the shrewd competition? Read on!

Can a new communications platform make security breaches a thing of the past?
Vonage Co-Founder Launches Decentralized Videochat App to Battle Zoom
Jack Martin
Saga has listed its SGA token on Celsius network, allowing up to 9.9% interest.
Celsius Lists Libra Challenger for 9.9% Potential Interest
Benjamin Pirus
Blockin, parent company of mining pool Poolin, has launched a new blockchain explorer that will help users select the correct fee for their Bitcoin transactions...
Blockin Launches Bitcoin Explorer With Detailed Fee Guidance
Andrey Shevchenko
Publicly-listed mining firm Argo Blockchain has broken its own records for Bitcoin mining, seemingly escaping the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Argo Blockchain Defies COVID-19, Mines Record Levels of Bitcoin in Q1 2020
Marie Huillet
Most of the fundraising in the cryptocurrency space shifted from the Americas to Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific region.
The New Land of Crypto Fundraising Is in Asia and Europe, Says PwC
Adrian Zmudzinski
Crypto exchanges saw record trade in March, with the global market crash driving all-time highs for both spot and derivatives trading.
Both Crypto Derivatives and Spot Markets Post Record Volume in March
Samuel Haig
Twelve major mining companies in China launch a transparent info sharing platform to revolutionize the mining industry.
Crypto Mining Companies Promote Freedom of Speech in China
Ting Peng
Local News
Nomura Research Institute launched Japan’s first blockchain bond, Zaif exchange delisted three assets, and more headlined news from Japan this past week.
Cryptocurrency News From Japan: March 29 - April 4 in Review
Benjamin Pirus

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