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China, a global economic powerhouse with the world’s largest population, drives significant global trade marked by rapid industrialization and economic growth. China once served as a center for crypto trading and had a vibrant ecosystem of exchanges. However, in 2017, the Chinese government outlawed domestic cryptocurrency exchanges and initial coin offerings (ICOs) because of concerns about financial stability. 

China intensified its regulations in 2021 by focusing on crypto mining — once a massive industry in the nation — citing concerns about speculative risk, financial stability and energy usage. Despite its hardline stance on cryptocurrencies, China is actively pursuing blockchain technology adoption across various sectors, including finance, supply chain and urban planning.

Blockchain parks and incubators have been established in various provinces and towns to aid new businesses and established firms specializing in blockchain technology. With its Digital Currency Electronic Payment system — a state-backed digital currency managed by the People’s Bank of China — China is at the forefront of central bank digital currency development. China wants to internationalize its currency and lessen reliance on the United States dollar in international trade and finance, and its CBDC, the digital yuan, is a component of that effort.

Market Analysis
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Despite a downturn in its bottom line, the company has secured a deal with an institutional investor to potentially raise $125 million in capital.
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A total of four foreign banks have integrated China’s e-CNY CBDC thus far.
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Market Analysis
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The British bank will provide e-CNY CBDC services to clients and explore its future use in China’s financial system.
Standard Chartered joins China’s CBDC pilot testing
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Some believe that hybrid blockchains with both private and public aspects can solve AI’s black-box problem.
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The CBDC-like bakong provides digital payment services in riel and the U.S. dollar. It has been steadily extending its regional scope.
Cambodian digital currency bakong amps up use case with Alipay agreement
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