Ether Price News

Ethereum is a blockchain on which many crypto projects are built. The Ethereum network has its own coin known as Ether (ETH). The price of Ethereum’s Ether is generally measured in U.S. dollars. ETH’s price is also calculated in Bitcoin (BTC), sometimes referred to as its ETH BTC (ETH/BTC) price. The price of 1 ETH to USD, as well as other data such as ETH’s market cap, is available on Cointelegraph’s Ethereum Price Index page.

Ethereum’s value is arguably based on its role as a blockchain. ETH’s value as a coin lies partially in its use as payment for transaction fees on the Ethereum network. The ETH price USD equivalent also stems from people trading the coin on the market. Ethereum price fluctuates on a daily basis, similar to a stock’s price, except that ETH trades 24/7.