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Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg on Feb. 4, 2004, started as a Harvard-exclusive social network. Quickly expanding to other universities, it became available to the public in 2006. Facebook was initially a platform for students to connect, share and build social networks, but its user-friendly design and rapid expansion led to its global dominance, fundamentally reshaping how people interact online.

In 2019, Facebook unveiled a white paper outlining its Libra stablecoin project. However, faced with intense regulatory scrutiny, the project underwent a name change to Diem in December 2020. Despite these efforts, the initiative was eventually terminated in January 2022. This development marked a significant setback for Meta’s cryptocurrency and digital payment ambitions.

Facebook, the company that owns platforms including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, rebranded as Meta on Oct. 28, 2021. Meta is dedicated to constructing the metaverse, a virtual space combining augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences. This transformation showcases Meta’s forward-looking approach, aiming to redefine online interactions, work and socialization beyond conventional social media platforms.

Social media company Meta is developing new artificial intelligence-based tools for Facebook and Instagram users.
Meta introduces AI models for video generation, image editing
Ana Paula Pereira
Market Analysis
Tech stocks face trillion-dollar losses as bond yields soar, but their $596 billion cash positions favor alternative hedges, including Bitcoin.
Will weakness in ‘Magnificent 7’ stocks spread to Bitcoin price?
Marcel Pechman
A Thai fortune teller once purportedly predicted when the crypto market would recover last year, claiming they were told by the god of the dead.
Thai crypto investors turn to tarot cards, divine signals to predict market
Jesse Coghlan
The new AI assistant, Meta AI, will be initially available from Sept. 27 for a limited group of U.S.-based users.
Mark Zuckerberg reveals Meta AI chatbot, his answer to ChatGPT
Tom Mitchelhill
Facebook was the worst thing to happen to user privacy over the last two decades. Artificial intelligence could be the worst thing to happen in the days ahead.
Meta’s assault on privacy should serve as a warning against AI
Callum Kennard
User ownership and control are among the cornerstones of Web3. SocialFi reinforces this approach with projects that attract users with innovative features.
Revolutionizing social networks with Web3: Phaver and Cyberconnect AMA
Victoria Li
Decentralized social network Friend.tech may have risen quickly, but execs argue decentralized social media apps still have an onboarding and retention issue to...
Decentralized social networks have a retention problem, say execs
Brayden Lindrea
Thailand’s digital minister said he would seek a court order to shut Facebook in the country unless it takes action on the alleged scams.
Thailand threatens Facebook over crypto scams and other fraudulent ads
Jesse Coghlan

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