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Fintech is an industry composed of companies that compete with traditional financial institutions by implementing new, innovative technologies into their working process. The cryptocurrency Fintech sector has been exploring the use of blockchain and blockchain-based applications as a new technology to challenge traditional ways of doing business. Blockchain, smart contracts and cybersecurity are some of the most actively researched areas of Fintech. Crypto Fintech sees cryptocurrencies as a means of establishing a secure and traceable way of transferring assets and getting rid of intermediaries. However, blockchain is not only suitable for regular transactions, but may help in such fields as voting and dividends management by establishing a trusted and immutable network with unchangeable records about past events.

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While DAOs can't precisely replace traditional VCs, they can potentially disrupt the crypto industry.
How to incorporate a DAO and issue tokens to be ready to raise money from VCs
Marcel Deer
The quest continues for the perfect “stand in” for the U.S. dollar. But, UST’s crash suggests that algo stables may be “inherently fragile.”
UST aftermath: Is there any future for algorithmic stablecoins?
Andrew Singer
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Sorare is a football fantasy game in which participants use digital player cards to buy, sell, trade, and manage a virtual team.
What is Sorare and how to play it?
Gabriëlla Modderman
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Buying and selling crypto on a P2P marketplace does not feature charts or market indications, unlike traditional exchanges.
What is P2P trading, and how does it work in peer-to-peer crypto exchanges?
Marcel Deer
Markets News
The stock price of listed BTC mining companies and other businesses with exposure to cryptocurrency are dropping to yearly lows as the crypto market continues t...
Crypto-associated stocks hammered as COIN and HOOD drop to record lows
Jordan Finneseth
Venture capital continues to target crypto and fintech for funding, with Web3 emerging as a major trend in 2022.
FCA-regulated Fasanara Capital raises $350M crypto and fintech VC fund
Sam Bourgi
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Splitting the transaction into multiple smaller transactions, periodic auction matching, and adjusting the low slippage are various ways to avoid front-running.
How to avoid front runners on decentralized crypto exchanges
Dilip Kumar Patairya
On this week’s episode of “The Market Report,” Cointelegraph’s resident experts discuss the most bullish cryptocurrencies at the moment.
What are the most bullish cryptocurrencies to buy right now? | Find out now on The Market Report

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