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Well known in the crypto industry, Bitcoin bull Max Keiser has publicly expressed his fair share of price expectations for the asset. The Russian TV station RT broadcasts a show called The Keiser Report, hosted by Max Keiser himself. The show began in 2009 and has covered numerous financial topics, including Bitcoin and crypto. Keiser has also spoken on gold a number of times, often noting Bitcoin’s strengths in comparison with the precious metal. 

Keiser founded an LLC in the United States called Heisenberg Capital. No firm consensus exists online regarding Max Keiser’s net worth.

Max Keiser, Wall Street veteran and host of The Keiser Report, shares his thoughts on Bitcoin price breaking $13,000 and the U.S. election in an exclusive inte...
Bitcoin price will 'bolt higher' if Biden wins, rise slower with Trump — Max Keiser
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Stone Ridge follows MicroStrategy in going big on BTC as a report puts the indirect cost of Coronavirus at $16 trillion.
Bitcoin price steady as $10B asset manager scoops up 10,000 BTC
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Earth is reaching a historic “inflection point,” Keiser warns after Singapore’s central bank admits that more debt is not an option for anyone.
Earth needs Bitcoin as economy hits ‘debt saturation point’ — Keiser
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Rampant inflation of the dollar’s M2 money supply is only enriching the “cantillionaires,” Max Keiser argues as its velocity hits record lows.
Bitcoin, USD velocity both crash — but BTC price reacted differently
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The Sage of Omaha is getting out of the world’s reserve currency, Max Keiser claims, and that’s a prelude to Bitcoin hitting a new record.
Bitcoin will hit new high ‘in near term’ as Buffett exits USD — Keiser
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Bitcoin is one of the few ways to move an entire fortune abroad, Bitcoin bull Max Keiser says.
‘Capital Flight out of Asia Is Taking Bitcoin Express’ Says Max Keiser
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The price of Bitcoin will surpass $28,000 as the previous all-time high won’t pose any resistance, and eventually shoot for six-figures, says Max Keiser.
$20,000 Won’t Pose Any Resistance for Bitcoin Price, Says Max Keiser
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Bitcoin price’s current surge, which has so far topped out at $11,380, is destined to continue beyond its all-time highs, the Wall Street veteran predicts.
Bitcoin Will Hit $28K and Correct, Then Hit Six Figures — Max Keiser
William Suberg

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