The Naga coin is an Ethereum-based token designed for cryptocurrency trading, gaming and virtual goods exchange. The Naga coin token is a product of NAGA Group AG — a German fintech business founded by Yasin Sebastian Qureshi and backed by such shareholders as Fosun Group and Hauck & Aufhaeuser bank. Naga plans to improve financial services and become a banking solution for unbanked people. Naga Group works in four major directions, which are Naga Wallet, Naga Trader, SWITEX — a virtual goods platform — and Naga Academy — a crypto and financial education platform. Naga is a regulated investment firm and performs its activities within legal frameworks that allow it to offer trading with both fiat and cryptocurrency. Since 2017, the Naga token has both ICO and IPO funding. Naga’s advisory board includes such blockchain experts as Roger Ver, Mate Tokay and Guy Ben-Artzi.