While Blockchain technology appears to be making inroads into everything from personal hygiene to death benefits, widespread adoption continues to be something of a slow process. Still and all, mainstream adoption has continued slowly.

However, one forward thinking company is creating a way for FinTech and Blockchain to work together, and all within a single investment platform system. The company is The NAGA Group, a Germany-based FinTech company with a view toward bringing their already-substantial portfolio of business into the Blockchain space through a proprietary token, the NGC. So profoundly disruptive is the platform that industry insider Roger Ver has chosen to be part of the Naga team and lend his substantial industry knowledge to help the company succeed.

One for all, and all for one

NGC, the NAGA Group Coin, is designed to serve as a single cryptocurrency for the entire NAGA Group platform. From the Naga Wallet, users are able to invest in a large number of diversified systems and markets, as well as get information and data analysis on cryptocurrencies. The NAGA Group has already had the fastest IPO in the last 15 years in Germany, and now plans to hold a super fast token sale.

Further, the Naga wallet offers access to the NAGA Group platform called SwipeStox, a system that allows investors to invest into traditional marketplaces with ease. Cryptocurrency holders will have access through the NGC to buy in to traditional stock markets, as well as receive substantial help in analysis and tracking. The SwipeStox platform offers more than 700 trading instruments, round-the-clock real-time pricing and support, and ease of access through web and mobile apps.

Third, Naga wallet users will be able to transact for visual goods on the Switex platform, a system designed by the NAGA Group and intended to provide a methodology for buying and selling goods from a wide swath of game publishers. What’s more, the platform will offer open API integration for a huge number of game publishers. The entire system, including item storage, is kept on the Blockchain, ensuring privacy and security.

Finally, Naga users can profit from the Naga Academy, an online source for community, news, and education in a huge variety of FinTech topic areas. The Academy helps those with experience in one of these areas to become proficient in other areas, and creates a well-educated consumer base, able to spot and participate in excellent trades.

The new VER-sion

Because the NAGA Group is already very experienced in many financial fields, the market for this sort of platform will be huge. The nascent ICO market is fast developing, and a system like the Naga platform is strategically placed to bring substantial improvement and fluidity to the market.

With Roger’s experience, and under his direction, the company is also accepting Bitcoin Cash, which will allow to reduce the barriers for their potential investors and future customers who would like to become a part of the ecosystem. Moreover, Naga will allow you to invest with the whole package of currencies. Thus, you will be able to buy NGC with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or in USD or EUR currencies via bank transfer (SEPA/SWIFT) and credit cards.

Roger Ver never participates in these sorts of projects, but his awareness of the market and the clear need and support for such a platform has brought him onto the already strong team.

With an incredibly successful team, a powerful platform, and a clear and present use case for their technology, the NGC token is sure to become an industry leader in the months to come. If NAGA Group, with shares rising over 500% since their IPO, is any indication of success, the future is bright.