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Founded in 2012 as OpenCoin, Ripple Labs is the software company developing the XRP cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology alongside a suite of payment protocols for streamlined cross-border settlement for financial institutions. 

XRP functions as the bridge currency underlying Ripple’s liquidity and exchange product, xRapid, which provides financial institutions a medium for global value transfer between various fiat currencies. 

XRP Ledger is the open-source DLT that provides cryptographically secure, verifiable settlement of the XRP currency. XRP Ledger is not part of Ripple’s suite of proprietary software products, as it is accessible and open to all. 

At Cointelegraph, we are chronicling the progress of Ripple Labs (and XRP) as it competes with cryptocurrency protocols and traditional fintech platforms alike. 

Stay tuned. 

The company claimed its CBDC solution would allow Bhutan’s central bank to deploy a digital ngultrum “without compromising financial stability or monetary polic...
Ripple is helping Bhutan pilot a CBDC
Turner Wright
Market Analysis
Smart contract capabilities are rendering old-school megalithic crypto projects obsolete as blockchains evolve beyond just being a medium of exchange.
Evolve or die: How smart contracts are shifting the crypto sector’s balance of power
Jordan Finneseth
Markets News
Ripple is now required to produce terabytes of Slack messages to the SEC that were previously withheld due to an apparent data error.
Judge orders Ripple to hand over 1 million Slack messages to the SEC
Brian Newar
Altcoin Watch
In the ongoing SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit, the judge has sided with the latter over its request for "fair use" access to internal documents from the U.S. regulator.
XRP price chart 'bull flag' puts the next bullish target at $1.50
Yashu Gola
The court has reportedly given the U.S. SEC until Sept. 3 to respond to Ripple’s motion to compel the authority to provide data on its employees’ XRP holdings.
Ripple files motion to expose XRP holdings of SEC employees
Helen Partz
Altcoin Watch
XRP price has bounced back from its July lows but some indicators are starting to suggest that the rally is due for a pullback.
XRP chart triggers sell-off warning after price explodes by 54% in one week
Yashu Gola
Altcoin Watch
The classic "double bottom" pattern's success rate of hitting its profit target lies around 78.55%.
XRP price chart 'double bottom' puts next bullish target at $1
Yashu Gola
The SEC said that the previous production of Slack messages from Ripple was incomplete, and a massive quantity of data has not been collected.
SEC wants ‘terabytes’ of Slack communications from Ripple
Helen Partz

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